Through your body you can touch your soul...

Improve your physique, become stronger, change you life.

By utilizing the Olympic Lifts, as well as other basic strength exercises, you can substantially improve the overall wellness of your body and achieve your goals. These can include sports performance, appearance, energy level, or simply feeling better about yourself.

Personal Instruction. Training.

I am a certified Sports Performance Coach through USA Weightlifting. Yet my own efforts and experiences have taught me more than any course or program ever could. My desire is to share my knowledge, experience, and time with you and assist you in your goals. Whether you want to improve your sports performance through added power and explosiveness, or simply become stronger, toned, and look better, I can help you reach your goals.

My Service

There are a few options: I can meet you at your place of choice (home, business, or your favorite gym) and work with you individually. For home or place of business, I can provide the equipment if needed. Or if you prefer, I can meet you for a consultation and prescribe a training regimen for you. I invite you to contact me via phone or email or in person to discuss your goals and to answer any questions you may have. You have the ability to improve your entire life by training your body.

What Are the Olympic Lifts?

There are two disciplines in Olympic Weightlifting competition. The Snatch and the Clean & Jerk.

In the Snatch, the weight is lifted overhead from the floor in one graceful and fluid movement.

The Clean & Jerk consists of two parts, which push the envelope of one's raw strength and power.  The Clean, which is the movement of the barbell from the floor onto the shoulders.  And the Jerk, where the barbell is pressed from the shoulders to overhead.

Why the Olympic Lifts?

The Olympic Lifts are a wonderful tool for increasing overall conditioning, and are a great addition to any training regimen.

They can have a phenomenal impact one's physique and overall state of wellness and can effectively improve one's performance in sports.

How can these lifts be summed up? Powerful. Explosive. Balanced. Graceful. Dynamic. They require Determination and are Invigorating and Energizing. Since these lifts use virtually every major muscle group in the body, they require Focus and improve intra and inter Muscular Coordination. These mentally and physically challenging lifts increase one's power, prove mentally and physically challenging, increase one's heart rate, and once completed, give a feeling of confidence and accomplishment.


My Story


When I was in 9th grade, we were given daily exercises for PE class. I recall not being able to even do one proper push-up. I worked at it every day until a week later, I was able to do one perfect push-up. It was not that I was unmotivated or inactive. On the contrary, I was quite active in sports, and excelled in them, but I was "naturally weak."

At the age of 21, seemingly out of nowhere, a physical challenge manifested in my life. I went to bed a healthy young man, and I awoke the next morning to a wide rage of symptoms. It felt as if my body had collapsed and turned against itself overnight. I was so bewildered and confused. How and why did this happen?? Everything hurt and I was extremely fatigued constantly. I would literally slide down the stairs and crawl up them on all 4's because it was easier than walking. As time went on, my weight dropped to 130 lbs, and later I discovered that I had a tapeworm. It seemed that bad became worse, and a cycle of unexplainable symptoms continued. I had a skin rash over a large part of my body, constant burning sensations in my leg muscles, and a stomach that could hardly process food. The most difficult, however, were the feelings I had of hopelessness and powerlessness.

My search for healing was a confusing maze of medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, herbalists, energy healers, psychologists, acupuncturists, and  physicians from various healing modalities.

One of the major frustrations was that there was no diagnosis for any of these symptoms other than "Fibromyalgia" and other terms that were an attempt to explain what happened to me. Time after time I went to doctors and clinics and left with a feeling of discouragement and disappointment.

What did eventually help improve my condition more than anything else was learning to love myself and the practice of enjoying life. Perhaps simple to say, but certainly difficult for me to do.

I began playing volleyball to have something enjoyable to focus on. The nerves in my quad muscles and my digestive organs had been damaged through this ordeal. Yet my desire to improve in that sport motivated me. I pushed myself harder than I otherwise would have done.

And through that pursuit I began lifting weights as a means of improving my athletic abilities. I had no plan other than to improve my level of "fitness." I exercised because that must help improve performance, correct? Through my efforts, I did gradually improve my athleticism and strength in my body and on the court. Yet underneath it all I lived with nerve pain and hidden sadness, anger, and frustration.

My battle was as much emotional and psychological as physical. I think simply the desire to improve my condition and not wavering in that desire was in itself a powerful healer. At first my body could barely recover from any workout, and yet as time went on, I was better able to handle the physical stimulus until I thrived on it.

Fast forward to present day... a 20 year journey. In my desire to improve my skill as a volleyball player and improve my life overall, I became more focused on training for a specific purpose. For one, I wanted to improve my physique. Secondly, I wanted to be more explosive in jumping. I found out what worked well and what didn't work well. Giving attention to a specific goal caused me to dig deeper within myself. And so I progressed in my understanding of my own self and became stronger not only in body but in mind.

I realized that in one's pursuit of mastering anything, no matter what field it is in, one also grows inwardly and comes in touch with their own soul. And as awareness of one's own soul increases, one's body will in turn respond positively to that deeper sense of belonging.

Even though all has not been solved or healed in my body, I am by far a better person for it. I have come to have a deeper understanding of myself. Knowing who I am on the inside is what matters. My body is a part of me, and an extension of me, but it does not define me. Though I search for answers as my journey continues, I can be at peace in my soul. And it is through our soul, that deepest part of us, that we can become closer to our Creator.

Each of us has a story to share. I shared a part of my story with you. I hope it was and is an encouragement to you, to all who read this. You are never alone. You are worthy. And you are Loved...

~David L Schlabach


Desire Desire Desire

Through countless efforts, successes (and failures) in the weightroom, on the volleyball court, as a coach, as a model, and as a teacher, I have learned a lot about strength, exercising, and achieving results. And the biggest lesson I learned is to not give up. The greatest challenge you will face is yourself. You can change your body, become stronger in mind, and in doing so, touch your own Soul.



Below is a slideshow of various athletes performing the Olympic Lifts.


Beneath are two good demonstrations of the Olympic Lifts. 3-time USA Weightlifting Coach Jim Schmitz gives an introductory explanation and slow motion examples of the Clean & Jerk and the Snatch.

Photos from my past...

Some of my modeling shots as well as a few volleyball pics.